1. How did you get interested in jewelry as a medium and what is your favorite part about it?

Growing up as the only guy out of four siblings, I was exposed to a lot of jewelry making.  I didn’t really get into until last year when I thought making jewelry would make great gifts for people. 

2. Growing up, how were you influenced to create art? Does anyone in your family work in a creative field?

My mom is a ceramist and dad is a painter who also owned a small art gallery in Tremont Cleveland at a time.  Currently, both my dad and step dad both work at the local art museum in Oberlin.  My sisters are also heavy into the arts. Everyone in my family has been a huge influence on my creative pursuits because each of them have their own philosophies on the subject.

3. Has architecture/interior design influenced how you design at all?

Architecture has allowed me to think more spatially.  The scale and scope varies significantly project to project which is still somewhat difficult to grasp.  Buildings are hard to draw so learning how to draw them has also been nice. 

4. If you weren't doing something creative, what field would you want to work in?

Garbage man or 7/11 night shift cashier.

5. What are some things you like to do to get inspired?

Talk to other people and learn from others people’s creative perspectives.  Go outside. Watch movies.  Listen to music.  Be uncreative. 

6. What are other forms of art you enjoy doing?

I like to draw, make pottery, and make music.